Going Serial

Amazon’s KDP launched Vella a short time ago for serialized fiction. My current WIP: The Haunting of Wildfell Retreat. https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B09J39N6LF

First three episodes are free!

For down-on-his-luck ghost hunter Alex Huntley, being paid to spend a weekend at the long-abandoned Wildfell Retreat is a dream come true! Since its purchase by a wealthy developer, strange things have been happening at Wildfell. Things that spooked the crew so much, they refuse to work there. Even the foreman seems to have quit without notice!

Alex thinks his stay there will be a piece of cake: easy in, easy out, easy money.

But Wildfell’s “residents,” and perhaps even Wildfell itself have other plans. Good luck with that investigation, Alex!

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