New Look!

Night Shades got a much-needed facelift over the weekend. Had lots of time in hand, since a nasty virus (no, not that one) has been kicking my butt for over a week now, and the coughing fits haven’t been conducive to writing. Or doing much of anything else, really.

The new image, closer to my original cover idea and showcasing my rudimentary illustration skills, made its first pass through KDP copyright scrutiny without causing a ruckus, so fingers crossed that this one will stick.

To celebrate, I’ve scheduled a Kindle Countdown Deal. From February 22-28, you can snag the eBook for only $0.99! That’s a 67% discount – less than the cost of a cuppa!

Night Shades features eighteen short stories on the “lighter side” of the dark (including the fantasy novelette, Blood & Thorns), along with a smattering of microfiction and poetry.

Earlier, I posted a link to “Tokens of Sleep” on YouTube, which is one story in this collection. You’ll find horror, humor, fantasy, experimental stuff – the works!

So, what do you think of the new cover?

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