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Another Freebie

Don’t miss this chance to grab your copy of All the Colors of Death, the second book in the Deadly Seasons series. May 26-30!

In this standalone autumnal companion story to Dead of Winter, five friends gather at the now-abandoned Loon Lake Lodge for a weekend of ghost hunting. They came looking for ghosts but instead, discover an ancient evil that might not let them leave alive.

Welcome to Loon Lake Lodge… Try to survive!

Dead of Winter Audio Excerpt

An abridged excerpt from Chapter One of Dead of Winter, created with free text-to-speech software. I’ve been looking into something like this as a cost-effective option for creating audiobooks. Because that was a goal of mine this year: produce one audiobook. While this is okay (just barely) for promos, it’s not appropriate for anything larger. If I could’ve read the section without coughing, guys, I would have. Happy Pollen Season from Vermont! ;D

Anyway, here it is in all its weird glory. Hope you enjoy it!

The Perfect Weekend Read

You saw it here first!

Grab your free copy of Dead of Winter from May 12-16!

Can a dead woman’s memories unmask her murderer?

Ten years ago, someone brutally murdered Amara’s twin sister, Nisha. No one ever found her killer… No one found any evidence at all.

Now, using a controversial new technology, Amara hopes to catch the killer by having Nisha’s memories implanted in her mind.

What she doesn’t know is that Nisha’s killer might be something more than human…

#supernaturalthriller #horror #suspense #mystery #coldcase #creature