My Books & A Bio


Antoinette McCormick—pictured above as a rather disgruntled five-year-old who walked all the way to the quarry with Mommy and Grammy, neither of whom would let her go to the edge and look down to see if any dead bodies were in the water—grew up with a post office in her front parlor, an absurd number of hunting trophies in the rest of the house, and two cemeteries just a stone’s throw from her back door. Given all that, maybe she should have been an undertaker? 

A vocational alchemist at heart, she tried a handful of careers—postal clerk, actress, journalist, graphic designer, and emergency medical technician—before arriving at her current incarnation as a handmaiden of Western Medicine (otherwise known as a registered nurse). Besides her nursing degree, Antoinette holds two non-nursing advanced degrees in Stage & Production Management and Creative Writing.

She is the author of The Haunting of Sky Hollow, the award-winning Dead of Winter, The Dispossessed, Nobody’s Daughter, and The Butterfly Girl, as well as a short story collection, Night Shades.

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#mystery #supernaturalthriller #horror #suspense #awardwinningfiction
Can a dead woman’s memories unmask her murderer?

#horror #haunting #ghoststory #cursedobject #moderngothic #suspense
An unexpected inheritance unleashes an unthinkable horror. Welcome to Sky Hollow.
The dead are waiting… Are YOU ready?
#fantasy #sciencefiction #haunting
What haunts YOUR dreams? You’ll never look at hauntings the same way again!
#dystopian #haunting #asylum #ghost Also available on Kindle Vella.
How long before this ghost in the machine gets in YOUR head? Welcome to the future…

#shortstorycollection #humor #fantasy #horrorlite
A funky collection from the lighter side of the dark, featuring the irreverent fantasy mashup, Blood & Thorns.
Both titles are also available on Kindle Vella.
Available on Kindle Vella. Ebook release in early 2023.
Five thrill-seeking friends visit a lake house with a troubled past, unaware that it’s hiding an even darker secret.
There’s something not right with the neighbors, either…
Gee, what could possibly go wrong?