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New Look!

Night Shades got a much-needed facelift over the weekend. Had lots of time in hand, since a nasty virus (no, not that one) has been kicking my butt for over a week now, and the coughing fits haven’t been conducive to writing. Or doing much of anything else, really.

The new image, closer to my original cover idea and showcasing my rudimentary illustration skills, made its first pass through KDP copyright scrutiny without causing a ruckus, so fingers crossed that this one will stick.

To celebrate, I’ve scheduled a Kindle Countdown Deal. From February 22-28, you can snag the eBook for only $0.99! That’s a 67% discount – less than the cost of a cuppa!

Night Shades features eighteen short stories on the “lighter side” of the dark (including the fantasy novelette, Blood & Thorns), along with a smattering of microfiction and poetry.

Earlier, I posted a link to “Tokens of Sleep” on YouTube, which is one story in this collection. You’ll find horror, humor, fantasy, experimental stuff – the works!

So, what do you think of the new cover?

Cover Evolution, Part IV

Happy Boxing Day! Hope Santa was generous with everyone this year!

The longest video in this collection so far is for Night Shades: A Collection of Small Terrors, and not because of a slew of ever-changing images. This time, I knew exactly what I wanted but “outside forces” thwarted it.

Not only thwarted it but absolutely refused to believe the evidence, even when I showed them.

Hello Goodreads Readers!

A quick update: I don’t visit Goodreads that often but when I did today, I just about died from embarrassment. There’s some old cover art on display there that’s frankly cringe-worthy. (Hey, I’m allowed to say that, since all of those were my “designs.”)

So… contrary to what appears on Goodreads, here are the ACTUAL covers for my books. If you’re interested (or need a good laugh), there are a couple of early posts on cover evolutions for a couple of those titles. It’s what happens when you’re an indie author who has to rely on your own graphic design skills, lol.

So, here’s what my stories are “wearing” this season and where you can find them! The only significant change to this is Dead of Winter. Thanks to D2D, it’s now enjoying a wider distribution at Kobo, B&N, and Smashwords, among other retailers.

And yes, if you’re a fan of serial fiction, I have a few stories on Kindle Vella, too!

Cover Evolution (Part II)

So, if Sky Hollow was all about the “lady in the water,” Dead of Winter started out about floating eyeballs, dead trees, and fear. You’ll find more snarky editorial comments in the video. Might as well be honest, right?

Again, finding free stock images to communicate the storyline presented a challenge (talk about recurring themes). “Lady Hiding Her Face” was good for the first couple of Amazon giveaways, but the e-book didn’t start selling actual copies until the “Silhouettes” cover that’s the next-to-last image. The current cover, the simplest of the lot, which took about an hour to cobble together, has enjoyed a much more positive response. Go figure!

Cover Evolution (Part I)

First in a series of who knows how many.

Because apparently, I change my mind… a lot.

This is also what happens when you can’t afford a professional graphic designer and have to rely on skills you picked up at the local newspaper and in community theater back in the 90s. It’s been (and some would say, continues to be) a steep learning curve. ;D