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Teaser, teaser!

Mia Flannagan keeps to herself and prefers to work alone. No one in the sleepy town of Pinehurst has ever guessed the beautiful, young funeral home director is a vampire. But when a cryptic message from an old woman’s ghost leads her to an injured stranger with a dark secret of his own, Mia’s decision to help him plunges her straight into the path of a hunter who’ll stop at nothing to catch his prey – even if it means putting a stake through Mia’s heart!

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You’ll find an ever-growing story spectrum featuring horror in every hue.

Blood & Thorns: Fantasy/Mashup/Vampire/Humor
Night Shades: Story Collection
The Dispossessed: Dystopian Horror
All the Colors of Death: Supernatural/Creature Horror

I made the pics in the top right and bottom left corners using an AI text-to-image generator.

Wendigos have three arms. Who knew? (According to one smart-arsed cousin, this one looks a lot like me, too.)

Are Any Vella Readers Here?

I’m doing something different with All the Colors of Death, my latest offering on the Kindle Vella platform: writing it on-the-fly instead of posting the completed work in scheduled episodes. So far, it’s working out okay…

For those not familiar with Vella, which offers serialized fiction and nonfiction, an “episode” is what they call a chapter. The first three “episodes” of any work are free (kind of like the “Look Inside” feature for ebooks). After that, you purchase tokens to unlock subsequent episodes. The number of tokens each “costs” depends on the word count, which can be anywhere from 600 to 5000. After the completed work’s been on the platform for 60 days, you then have the option to publish it, either on KDP or elsewhere. So far, only The Dispossessed has made it to ebook/paperback, but my short story collection, Nightshades, with bonus content not available on Vella, is in the works!

With that in mind, I’ve been cobbling cover designs together for Nightshades. Both incorporate photos/images from royalty-free sites. What do you think?

Vella Free-4-All

Unlock 100 FREE episodes a day on Kindle Vella. Only two days left to score some great reads! Here are four of mine. By the way, you could unlock every single episode and still have tokens left over! Happy reading!

The Dispossessed


All the Colors of Death

Blood & Thorns

Upcoming Release


In this quirky collection of short stories, you’ll meet a woman who discovers “finders” aren’t always “keepers;” Lovecraftian hair care; an exorcist’s reversal of fortune; botched spells, a crying ghost, tips for faking your own death
An exorcist’s reversal of fortune—and more!

First THREE stories are free!