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Ready for Some Black Friday Action?

The FREE PROMO for Night Shades: A Collection of Small Terrors, Twisted Tales & Other Oddities kicks off today!

Mirth meets mayhem in this eclectic collection from the “lighter side” of the dark.

You’ll meet a woman who discovers why “finders” aren’t always “keepers,” and a disgruntled Wicca wannabe whose miscast spell produces some rather spectacular results.

You’ll also discover

  • Tips for faking your own death
  • Ghost-hunting advice, straight from the horse’s shroud
  • A comical collision between cosmic horror and modern cosmetology
  • An irreverent mashup of a familiar fairy tale

And much, much more!

No matter what floats your fiction boat, Night Shades has a flavor to fit your fancy! Grab your free copy today!

Bonus: Hear “Tokens of Sleep,” a story from this collection, on YouTube!

Great News!

Nobody’s Daughter, my dystopian adventure/thriller, made the Wattys 2022 Shortlist!

This is the third time I’ve entered the contest and the second time my work’s been shortlisted. The last time this happened was in 2018. So thrilled and grateful for the recognition!

If a coming-of-age set in dystopian Japan with a strong female lead is your thing, check it out! You can read it for FREE on Wattpad.

Cover images courtesy of Unsplash and Pexels

Upcoming Release


In this quirky collection of short stories, you’ll meet a woman who discovers “finders” aren’t always “keepers;” Lovecraftian hair care; an exorcist’s reversal of fortune; botched spells, a crying ghost, tips for faking your own death
An exorcist’s reversal of fortune—and more!

First THREE stories are free!

Going Serial

Amazon’s KDP launched Vella a short time ago for serialized fiction. My current WIP: The Haunting of Wildfell Retreat.

First three episodes are free!

For down-on-his-luck ghost hunter Alex Huntley, being paid to spend a weekend at the long-abandoned Wildfell Retreat is a dream come true! Since its purchase by a wealthy developer, strange things have been happening at Wildfell. Things that spooked the crew so much, they refuse to work there. Even the foreman seems to have quit without notice!

Alex thinks his stay there will be a piece of cake: easy in, easy out, easy money.

But Wildfell’s “residents,” and perhaps even Wildfell itself have other plans. Good luck with that investigation, Alex!