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You’ll find an ever-growing story spectrum featuring horror in every hue.

Blood & Thorns: Fantasy/Mashup/Vampire/Humor
Night Shades: Story Collection
The Dispossessed: Dystopian Horror
All the Colors of Death: Supernatural/Creature Horror

I made the pics in the top right and bottom left corners using an AI text-to-image generator.

Wendigos have three arms. Who knew? (According to one smart-arsed cousin, this one looks a lot like me, too.)

Hello Goodreads Readers!

A quick update: I don’t visit Goodreads that often but when I did today, I just about died from embarrassment. There’s some old cover art on display there that’s frankly cringe-worthy. (Hey, I’m allowed to say that, since all of those were my “designs.”)

So… contrary to what appears on Goodreads, here are the ACTUAL covers for my books. If you’re interested (or need a good laugh), there are a couple of early posts on cover evolutions for a couple of those titles. It’s what happens when you’re an indie author who has to rely on your own graphic design skills, lol.

So, here’s what my stories are “wearing” this season and where you can find them! The only significant change to this is Dead of Winter. Thanks to D2D, it’s now enjoying a wider distribution at Kobo, B&N, and Smashwords, among other retailers.

And yes, if you’re a fan of serial fiction, I have a few stories on Kindle Vella, too!

Save the Dates!

I’m getting all those free promo days in before the end of the year. Starting Friday, you can snag a free copy!

This story also featured in Haunt: A Dragon Soul Press Anthology (Sept. 2022), and is available on Amazon.

Tokens of Sleep (Audio)

This is a story from my Night Shades collection.

Finders aren’t always keepers…

Devon, a young woman with the ability to manifest objects she finds in her dreams, decides to use her strange and somewhat magical gift for her own ends.

Let’s treat this as an experiment, ok? (And don’t hold the maybe-substandard audio quality against me—it’s my first time, lol.) If people like it, I’ll read more stories and excerpts. Please let me know what you think. Sleep-inducing, fair-to-middlin’, or nails down a chalkboard? 😀

Ready for Some Black Friday Action?

The FREE PROMO for Night Shades: A Collection of Small Terrors, Twisted Tales & Other Oddities kicks off today!

Mirth meets mayhem in this eclectic collection from the “lighter side” of the dark.

You’ll meet a woman who discovers why “finders” aren’t always “keepers,” and a disgruntled Wicca wannabe whose miscast spell produces some rather spectacular results.

You’ll also discover

  • Tips for faking your own death
  • Ghost-hunting advice, straight from the horse’s shroud
  • A comical collision between cosmic horror and modern cosmetology
  • An irreverent mashup of a familiar fairy tale

And much, much more!

No matter what floats your fiction boat, Night Shades has a flavor to fit your fancy! Grab your free copy today!

Bonus: Hear “Tokens of Sleep,” a story from this collection, on YouTube!