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Tokens of Sleep (Audio)

This is a story from my Night Shades collection.

Finders aren’t always keepers…

Devon, a young woman with the ability to manifest objects she finds in her dreams, decides to use her strange and somewhat magical gift for her own ends.

Let’s treat this as an experiment, ok? (And don’t hold the maybe-substandard audio quality against me—it’s my first time, lol.) If people like it, I’ll read more stories and excerpts. Please let me know what you think. Sleep-inducing, fair-to-middlin’, or nails down a chalkboard? 😀

Finders Aren’t Always Keepers

Speaking of videos… This was an experiment to see what I could produce with a free account on Canva, the mic on my phone, and an old short story about a woman who can manifest objects she sees in her dreams. The result? Tokens of Sleep!

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The Haunting of Sky Hollow

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In this quirky collection of short stories, you’ll meet a woman who discovers “finders” aren’t always “keepers;” Lovecraftian hair care; an exorcist’s reversal of fortune; botched spells, a crying ghost, tips for faking your own death
An exorcist’s reversal of fortune—and more!

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