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First Freebie of 2023!

January 25-29, you can download a free copy of my psychological thriller, The Butterfly Girl. A quick and suspenseful read, it challenges our preconceived notions about ghosts and hauntings.

To read a sample, click on the “Free Preview” text below or just follow this link.

The Absolute Very LAST eBook Promo of 2022

Starts today!

When a request at a funeral turns her stomach, Lexi Collins thinks she’s finished with a rival ghost-hunting group.

But hours later, when a frantic plea turns their paranormal investigation into a rescue mission, Lexi must face one of the deadliest spirits she’s ever encountered…

Will she survive her visit to the Foyle Foundation?

Download your free copy of The Dispossessed and start 2023 with a scream!

Watch a trailer below.

Cover Evolution (Part I)

First in a series of who knows how many.

Because apparently, I change my mind… a lot.

This is also what happens when you can’t afford a professional graphic designer and have to rely on skills you picked up at the local newspaper and in community theater back in the 90s. It’s been (and some would say, continues to be) a steep learning curve. ;D

Ready for Some Black Friday Action?

The FREE PROMO for Night Shades: A Collection of Small Terrors, Twisted Tales & Other Oddities kicks off today!

Mirth meets mayhem in this eclectic collection from the “lighter side” of the dark.

You’ll meet a woman who discovers why “finders” aren’t always “keepers,” and a disgruntled Wicca wannabe whose miscast spell produces some rather spectacular results.

You’ll also discover

  • Tips for faking your own death
  • Ghost-hunting advice, straight from the horse’s shroud
  • A comical collision between cosmic horror and modern cosmetology
  • An irreverent mashup of a familiar fairy tale

And much, much more!

No matter what floats your fiction boat, Night Shades has a flavor to fit your fancy! Grab your free copy today!

Bonus: Hear “Tokens of Sleep,” a story from this collection, on YouTube!

Are Any Vella Readers Here?

I’m doing something different with All the Colors of Death, my latest offering on the Kindle Vella platform: writing it on-the-fly instead of posting the completed work in scheduled episodes. So far, it’s working out okay…

For those not familiar with Vella, which offers serialized fiction and nonfiction, an “episode” is what they call a chapter. The first three “episodes” of any work are free (kind of like the “Look Inside” feature for ebooks). After that, you purchase tokens to unlock subsequent episodes. The number of tokens each “costs” depends on the word count, which can be anywhere from 600 to 5000. After the completed work’s been on the platform for 60 days, you then have the option to publish it, either on KDP or elsewhere. So far, only The Dispossessed has made it to ebook/paperback, but my short story collection, Nightshades, with bonus content not available on Vella, is in the works!

With that in mind, I’ve been cobbling cover designs together for Nightshades. Both incorporate photos/images from royalty-free sites. What do you think?

Oh, no! Another Book Promo?

Well, the Holidays are coming, and books make great gifts!

The Butterfly Girl: A Different Kind of Haunting.

Available in ebook & paperback.

KU subscribers read for free!

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