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First Freebie of 2023!

January 25-29, you can download a free copy of my psychological thriller, The Butterfly Girl. A quick and suspenseful read, it challenges our preconceived notions about ghosts and hauntings.

To read a sample, click on the “Free Preview” text below or just follow this link.

Follow Me on Kindle Vella

You’ll find an ever-growing story spectrum featuring horror in every hue.

Blood & Thorns: Fantasy/Mashup/Vampire/Humor
Night Shades: Story Collection
The Dispossessed: Dystopian Horror
All the Colors of Death: Supernatural/Creature Horror

I made the pics in the top right and bottom left corners using an AI text-to-image generator.

Wendigos have three arms. Who knew? (According to one smart-arsed cousin, this one looks a lot like me, too.)

Save the Dates!

I’m getting all those free promo days in before the end of the year. Starting Friday, you can snag a free copy!

This story also featured in Haunt: A Dragon Soul Press Anthology (Sept. 2022), and is available on Amazon.